Mosquito killer machine – MOSQUIT

Mosquit is a revolutionary product invented by KaKuRa multitrade limited for our Indian environment with the quest to eradicate the ever existing mosquitoes. Its not a Mosquito repellent machine, its the trapper and Killer machine. These machines are the long-term solution that is proved to reduce mosquitoes and other pests effectively.

Mosquit is the very best solution  than using other pest controller, mosquito repellent  and other mosquito control sources. As a lot of strategies and plains are getting implemented in various countries for pest eradication, we have invented these ECO friendly  mosquito killer machines.

Mosquit – Mosquito Killer demo video

 Available in 3 different models

Mosquito killer for closed roomMQR -for closed Indoors

Self Cleaning
Covers 400 Sqft
Good for Closed Rooms, Ac rooms, bed rooms, Hotel Rooms etc..


 Mosquito killer for open roomsMQH – for open Indoors

Self Cleaning
Covers 1600 Sqft
Good for Open Rooms, class rooms, halls, lobby,
operation theaters , cinema theaters etc..



Mosquito killer machine for open space

MQG – for Out Doors

Self Cleaning
Covers 1600 Sqft
Good for Open space, Gardens, Parks, Hospitals, backyards etc…



Mechanism of MOSQUIT machines

  • Once the MosQuit instrument is plugged in, the middle portion which contains the fan and the herbal coating starts working. There is a mild increase in temperature and herbal coating releases the fragrance and the fan dissipates it in all directions.
  • The mosquitoes which are in the hidden portions of the house are stimulated by the odour and as they fly towards the source of the smell, the UV light adds extra attraction and no doubt they travel towards the Mosquit.
  • The fan acts as a sucker and dehydrator for the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes which comes towards the MosQuit (within the radius of 10 inches) are sucked to the trapper where they are killed mercy less by dehydration.
  • The Ultraviolet lamp disinfects the floating various toxic and hazardous bacteria, viruses in the air in its path and purifies the air